Mexican Design & Traditions are “In the House”

16 septiembre, 2022

In Mexico we are getting close to “Mexican traditions Season”. From September to December, we Mexicans go through a turmoil of festivities that are very dear to us.

The first badge is during the months of August and September. In these celebrations Mexico shares with the word and with us Mexicans its finest culinary treats, millenary beverages such as mezcal, exquisite silver made jewelry, traditional music such as mariachi and all sorts of cultural representations such as “charrería”.

During these festivities Mexican colors such as green, white and red are used as decoration hues to remind us of the pride of being Mexicans.

Almost every party in September has a Mexican flare and multicolored flowers along with sunflowers and white gannets decorate the venues. We can´t forget the elegant and amazing Dalia for our flower designs since Dalias are Mexico’s national flower. In Mexico you can find fine floral artistry that transforms beautiful flowers into amazing centerpieces and extraordinary flower arrangements.


We just can´t have a good celebration without food! Mexican gastronomy is considered top 5 in the world by experts and we live up to the title. If you visit Mexico or if you live here, you will find a fine array of options expanding each year as new Mexican chefs emerge from famous schools leaving us with a great taste in our mouth.

Don´t get me going on tequila and mezcal … such fine Mexican jewels. We just can´t have a good celebration without these two.


Talavera and Black Clay are the most looked for tableware for these celebrations. Although these Mexican crafts are millenary, potters are really designing state of the art pieces experimenting with different colors and designs. The same goes for goldsmiths who are creating beautiful pieces of art.


wedding flowers by Annafiori

Through design, Mexican artists from every discipline are excelling in portraying Mexico as a great culture that advances to the future with very profound cultural roots and the knowledge of the most coveted worldwide trends. Watch out! Mexico is trending now. Mexico is in the House and we are celebrating….


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